International Keynote Speaker and TEDx speaker, Butzi has talked for the world biggest companies. He uses his magicians’ skills and experience to empower his audiences to be more creative and agile. To achieve that, he reveals in his talks, workshops and in his book “The magic of Crazytivity”, the world’s top magicians’ secrets and techniques, bringing the participants in a magical journey to empower them.


Butzi makes the connection between the artistic and the corporate worlds through creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset by using his years of experience as a multi-talented artist.
Author of “The Magic of Crazytivity,” Butzi creates methods to help companies inspire their employees, managers, and leaders to be more creative, adaptable, and optimistic.



For ten years, Butzi has worked as a professional magician, performing all over the world, including at the prestigious Hollywood Magic Castle.
A big part of his career was creating illusions for his clients and colleagues which played a huge role in his creative approach.



Passionate about theatre and acting, Butzi also worked as an actor, and he thrived when he was creating and not only interpreting other’s lines. So, he wrote, directed, interpreted and edited his own medium-length film (along with video clips for artists and entrepreneurs).



Butzi has written two books, one for magicians and another for a broad audience. The first, “Creativity for Magicians,” teaches magicians the tricks of the trade, so to speak, for creating their own magic tricks. The second, “The Magic of Crazytivity,” gathers tools and wisdom to help the reader learn to tackle seemingly-insurmountable problems with the intentional implementation of creativity and whimsy.

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As I was studying Economics at la Sorbonne, I discovered magic randomly in a bar and instantly fell in love with this art.
For a year, I worked hard, obsessed with this art, sometimes staying 10 hours a day in my room, practicing with cards, ropes, and coins. Eager to know about the world, I decided to travel through Latin America for nine months, and that is when I really assimilated my craft with the real world. My first paid job as an artist was in Ecuador, in a beach town. From that moment on, I started living from my magic, performing in hotels, bars, and restaurant. I was 21.

When I came back to Paris, I decided that this was what I wanted to do and upgraded my shows over the years to perform for companies, private events, and have created customized illusions for top clients. Six years later, I performed at the prestigious Castle in Hollywood and became a contributor at the most prestigious school in the world (says BBC TV…): the Mcbride Magic and Mystery School.

This was a long journey during which I studied as an actor at the Actor Center in London, learn physical acting and creative insight through clowning and directing videos. At this moment more than ever, I was craving to create my own illusions.

So, I studied creativity principles and theories in depth, and the first time I tried to create my own magical effects… it was a total failure. Nothing came up. Yes, I could invent fun presentations and stage ideas and subtleties, but when I had an idea for a new trick, I couldn’t figure the method. I was always stuck and couldn’t find solutions for it to work in the real world.

It is with practice, trial and error, and studying other artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and magicians that I have succeeded to master the tools to create my own magic.

All of this gave me enough background to write for my colleagues in magician’s magazines in the US and create custom shows for certain clients. I then wrote a book on creativity for magicians, followed by another one for the general public and started working with companies. At first, I was talking mostly about my background and magicians’ point of view on perception. Little by little I realized that I had a lot to offer on the subject of creativity and that I could help corporate employees to adopt a more optimistic, agile, and entrepreneurial state of mind. And that’s where I am now!

5% of my global income goes
to the NGO « World Vision » through an official partnership that help vulnearble kids in poor areas of the globe.