Book on Creativity

Do you sometimes feel like top Innovators and Creators have figured something out that you haven’t?

Well, You’re About to Learn How they Generate Amazing Ideas and Solutions to Any Problem, and how you can create the change YOU want to Achieve Success.


In this provocative yet practical book, you will discover that we all have hidden creative capacities that can be easily activated, developed, and nurtured to become super inventive.

Like magicians who create what is said to be “impossible” and impress their audiences, you too can create anything you want and design the life of your dreams.

It’s only a matter of having a very specific mindset, which Butzi, a renowned magician and entrepreneur, describes as the “Crazytivity mindset.”


  • How to find solutions to complex problems and challenges in your personal and work-life that you or others thought were impossible to solve.

  • How to reconnect with the fantastic natural qualities you used to have for creativity by becoming an optimist who sees many opportunities.

  • Understand what it means to think “outside the box” and how you can do it easily by using your imagination to the fullest.

  • How to use criticism to your advantage and overcome your fears and doubts to express yourself fully.

  • How to stop censoring yourself so that you can tap into your enormous creative potential and how you can cultivate your creativity every day, incorporating simple habits that take little-to-no time.

  • How to create a real impact on the world by transitioning from ideation to action and from creativity to innovation with simple systems.


Attention: this book is for magicians only!

“I wrote this book because I saw that we had a problem a in our community: magicians just reproduce tricks they see and add nothing to it. I used to do that as well. And the reason I did it was because I didn’t know how to personalize or create my own illusions. Even artists need tools and tricks to create…and that is what this book is made for”. –Butzi-