Magic is used all along the conference but only as a communication tool. When people see magic, they open their mind and they relax. That is exactly at this moment that Butzi delivers the distilled pieces of wisdom he has prepared. Magic is also a powerful metaphor and is used as a referent to explain the mindset behind the greatest illusions of all times.
Butzi Keynotes will not only show a different perspective and how to generate new ideas, and help your company be more agile for the future but will also give your practical and implemental tools. His talks are all about thinking differently to dare to solve old problems and adapt to new situations in a smarter way.

Butzi talks

From 30 mn to 1h15 (depending on the time you have)
Interactive & Industry Relevant
Q&A session possible


Butzi is a three times TEDx speaker and member of the Global Speaker Federation

Discover powerful messages to re-invent your company for the future
Rey Buckman

He definitely inspired Airbus employees to be more innovative every day!

Julie Bodin

With his dynamic, well thought out presentation, magic tricks and visuals appealing to the audience’s emotions – no less than 600 attendees – Butzi, engaged, impressed, inspired – and woke up – the public.

Audrey Mermillon

At the LaDéfense 2017 TEDx, he succeeded to pass on with passion his”” Crazytivity””. He brought wonder and amazed a heterogeneous audience of employees, students and CEOs.”