If you want to train a smaller group to think differently, master creative tools and to be more agile in an interactive and fun atmosphere, these workshops are what you are looking for.
What is so different from the Keynotes?
As you surely know, during a talk, the main goal is to inspire the audience to take action and take the first steps, but there isn’t enough time nor intimacy to give a complete training with tools and a personalized approach.

This is why Butzi created workshops. The aim is to apply and work with concrete tools that artists, entrepreneurs and magicians use every day to reinvent themselves and create their reality. Your employees and teams will leave more creative, adaptable and inclined to think like intrapreneurs.

Butzi’s Workshops
From 3 hours to a full day
Highly interactive with exercises, brainstorms and instant feedback
Methodical and result oriented

The Crazytivity Workshop

This workshop focuses on the group’s creative skills. The aim is to help them remove their blocks and to teach them tools to generate new ideas.
They will learn to brainstorm, to generate new solutions to different situations, to get unstuck and ultimately to become inspired…even when they think they are not!

The Magic of Agility

This workshop is more intrapreneur -oriented. We talk about creativity and they also learn to generate solutions to unexpected situations, thus being more adaptable We also talk and work on how to think like an entrepreneur, take calculated risks, work with millennials and how to take advantage of the structure they are in by establishing failure as an improvement tool, thus allowing bottom up innovation and autonomy.
Creative group work
This workshop won’t only bring viable tools to generate new ideas and implementable solutions in their everyday life and work, but it will also show them how they can work in teams.
At the end of the workshop, the participants actually generate solutions to a problem you would have worked on with Butzi!
BNP Paribas’ managers
BNP PariBas

It was a cultural experience, something that will makes us grow and that we will use on our daily routine / -It really highlights the power of diversity of thoughts (…) when we were able to collaborate all together it became a more complete and holistic answer

Laurène Castor

An exceptional experience ! His talents as a magician and excellent speaker have successfully liberated speech and ideas.

Virginie Laclef

Butzi explained in a very practical workshop how to adapt his creativity tools to the corporate world. Everyone loved the atmosphere of this original day that truly enriched them.