Marie Spahn

The workshop was praised by all the participants who appreciated the “crazy” approach of the workshop. Thank you very much for your dynamism and your implication, we have all the feelings to find our childlike creativity back during a few hours

Bénédicte Lijour

“So innovative! A surprising approach that leads to think differently and help teams to work together”

Rey Buckman

Butzi was a keynote speaker at our BizLab DemoDay. For the full 45 minutes he kept the 300 people in the audience captivated with his amazing insights into creativity. He definitely inspired the audience of Airbus employees and other industry enthusiasts to be more innovative every day.

Yves Taupin

We had Butzi several times to talk about Creativity and Innovation. What he says is coherent, dynamic and always benevolent. This moment of inspiration is always appreciated by the audience

Amandine Defour

“All participants came out delighted from his captivating and original performance.”

Julie Bodin

With his dynamic, well thought out presentation, magic tricks and visuals appealing to the audience’s emotions – no less than 600 attendees – Butzi, engaged, impressed, inspired – and woke up – the public.

Global innovation forum
Max Angelov

“He provided a very well-thought content with valuable insights to make a point about being creative in the corporate world and attendees were left motivated, inspired and energized.”

Safran Morpho
Christophe CHHAY

As usual, Butzi continues to surprise us with contemporary tricks full of ingenuity

BNP PariBas
BNP Paribas’ managers

It was a cultural experience, something that will makes us grow and that we will use on our daily routine / -It really highlights the power of diversity of thoughts (…) when we were able to collaborate all together it became a more complete and holistic answer

Audrey Mermillon

“Butzi is a magician of great talent and exceptional speaker !

At the LaDéfense 2017 TEDx, he succeeded to pass on with passion his”” Crazytivity””. He brought wonder and amazed a heterogeneous audience of employees, students and CEOs.”

Laurène Castor

During our workshop, Butzi showed inconstestable human qualities that helped the group to participate with rhythm and enthusiasm! His talents as a magician, actor and excellent speaker have helped to free speech and ideas. An exceptional experience!

Virginie Laclef

Butzi explained in a very practical workshop how to adapt his creativity tools to the corporate world. Everyone loved the atmosphere of this original day that truly enriched them.